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Quaternary Ammonium QAC Paper Test Strips

Quaternary Ammonium QAC Paper Test Strips

Kleen Bee

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Quaternary ammonia test strips are simple, reliable, and cost-effective if you want to measure the concentration of quaternary sanitizers used for cleaning various types of beer-brewing and beer-dispensing equipment. A quaternary ammonia sanitizer test strip usually measures concentrations between 0–400 parts per million (PPM), with color matches at 0, 100, 200, 300, and 400ppm.

But perhaps, more importantly, using these quaternary ammonium test papers also keeps you from using excessive amounts of sanitizing agents during cleaning of beer-dispensing systems. Simply put, by using a quaternary ammonia sanitizer test strip, you can avoid unnecessary wastage of your cleaning product. What's more, using quaternary ammonium test strips is easy: just tear off a small quaternary ammonia sanitizer test strip, dip it into the sanitizing solution for 10 seconds, then instantly compare the resulting color with a color chart provided.