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Nilfisk Pressure-Pro Dirt Laser PP3225H  (Gas-Cold Water) Pressure Washer

Nilfisk Pressure-Pro Dirt Laser PP3225H (Gas-Cold Water) Pressure Washer


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The Dirt Laser 3200 PSI delivers maximum professional-grade results. Components such as the exclusive Pressure Pro Terminator Pump, combined with the power and
performance of the Honda GC190 engine, offers the highest reliability and durability. The Dirt Laser ensures efficient and dependable washing. Built with your body in mind,it's ergonomically designed with a soft grip handle and stand-up frame to prevent back injury. There is easy access to all components for scheduled, preventative maintenance. This machines handle can be easily detached to transport and for optimum, compact storage.

 Heavy Duty: Steel gun/wand & hose holder
 Flexible, Effective Cleaning: Wide range of cleaning applications
 Stable: Includes vibration isolation
 Discreet: Significantly more quiet
 Compact and Portable: Easy detachable handle for optimum, compact storage
 Ergonomically Designed: Easier to move around even up and down stairs
 Equipped with nozzles: 15, 20,40 & 65 degree chemical application nozzles