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Air Guard Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer   212g

Air Guard Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer 212g


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This insecticide is for use only in the automatic Mister dispenser, which releases 27.5 mg. of insecticide every 7-1/2 minutes. The continuous use of this insecticide will reduce flying insect populations (flies, mosquitoes and gnats) within a few hours. One can protects a room up to 170 cubic metres for up to 30 days. USE AREAS: Restaurants, Food Plants, Hospitals, Food Service Establishments, Lodges, Resorts, Dairies, Horse Stables, Cow Barns and Poultry Houses while they are in operation. Also for use in Meat Processing Plants when not in operation. Use area must have at least 170 cubic metres of free flow air space.